Chios Wedding

dinner time



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  1. I love this post!! My best friend ginrwog up is Greek! I spent countless hours at her house and learned some greek too. I am Italian and my grandparents came straight from Italy, so my friend and I were a terrific ethnic combo. I shared authentic Italian food and she authentic Greek food. I loved it all!! Her parents also owned a restaurant which we hung out in. But my favorite thing was to go over to her house and sample the Moussaka, Spanakopita, stuff grape leaves, pastisto (spelling). So anyway, yesterday on the way home from NJ, we stopped at a greek restaurant and hubby got a Gyro!! I kept saying to my family how much I just love them and the best part was the Tsatsiki sauce. I kept saying Tsatsiki over and over, just something about the word. Anyway, when I saw your post, I just had to be wordy and tell you this whole story!! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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