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Chios wedding: event and catering rentals

Have you ever wondered if there is an event and catering rental company in Chios? If you can envision your ceremony style and décor, you can create it in real life by using our new catering and event rental services in Chios island. And while the biggest cities offer the widest range of options, you’ll be surprised at how much is now available in Chios!

Your best source for Chios catering and event rentals? Your Chios Wedding planner!

With great event planning experience in Chios island, we are proud to announce a new service addition with our Event Rental division. OuAsk our event planners to assist you in determining the right equipment for your event.

Essentials: Guest tables in a collection of rounds, long family-style, or a mix of table shapes and sizes. You might also consider sweetheart and buffet tables and separate tables for dessert, gifts, guest book and family photos.
What’s Hot: Mixing table sizes and shapes to maximize your space. Rustic-wooden tables are a major trend!
Don’t Forget: Your wedding coordinator can handle this task, to have layouts of your ceremony and reception sites, so that he or she can advise on your table choice and arrangements.

Essentials: Chairs for ceremony, cocktail party and reception.
What’s Hot: Vintage Versailles and Napoleon chairs, chiavari chairs.
Don’t Forget: High chairs and booster seats for the littlest guests and a pair of decorative chairs for you and your new hubby at the sweetheart table.

Essentials: Guest table tablecloths, table runners, napkins for both cocktail party and reception, as well as luxe or vintage linens for the cake, gift, sweetheart and photo tables. Also consider chair linens: they are a great way to add color and texture to your space.
What’s Hot: Luxury materials, monochromatic earth tones, and also color in bright jewel tones such as plum, ruby, emerald, citrine, and sapphire. Organic linens are in demand as well, with soft sand or bamboo being top fabric choices.
Don’t Forget: Napkin rings and hidden clips to keep table linens from whipping around in breezes at outdoor weddings. Plus table pads to protect wood tables from damaging water stains and spills.




  1. Loved this article and would use your suggestions for sure at my Chios Wedding! Thank you so much for sharing these cool ideas!

  2. So thrilled I found your article so can understand what my fiance and her bride maids are saying when trying to fit everything around and on the table for our chios wedding next summer..

  3. I am already maried…(by Civil ceremony & Religious one), but I have to say I loved this article.
    Looking forward for my Renewal vows party this summer, with you!

    • Thank you Vanda for your kind words! Looking forward to your Vows Renewal party!

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